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Adriano Barbieri

Hi Andrea and Michael,
These lists are created by each user of Weather Plus, and then are customized.
The list increases as by adding every time the city of your interest...
I don't think that interests you my italian cities list, but if you want I can send it in private :)
You can then import the city from the button "Import new cities..." and selecting the file with the extension*.zipcodes.

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I would also appreciate a copy of this weather.zipcodes please.


On 12/10/2016 5:55 PM, Adriano Barbieri via wrote:
Hi Gary and every body,
In addition to what I have already said to Ron:
You can import the file Weather.zipcodes from another Weather Plus user; these can export and then send us their list of cities.
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Subject: [nvda] weather plus question

Hi All,
I just started using nvda and downloaded the weather plus app.  Does anyone know where I can get the file of zip codes?  Thanks for any help. Regards, Gary kn4ox

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