Re: holding off on 2022.1 due to Code Factory dragging their feet

Joseph Norton



I figure they were working on it.


I have to admit I have not been reading everything that came across the list, so there may have been posted some kind of warning about this issue.


Regardless, this is not a showstopper for me.


I am sure NVDA developers had a good reason for the changes that were made, and NVDA’s advantages outweigh any temporary loss of convenience.  Choice is a good thing, and NVDA gives us one more choice.


Actually, the thing I like the best about NVDA is that the screen review method is a little similar to the old DOS screen reader ASAP, and that was my number one go-to in my DOS days.  I still have my copy of ASAP and pull it out whenever I access a DOS program.


I’ll keep checking CodeFactory’s Web site.

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