Re: IMPORTANT: Clock and Calendar add-on is abandoned and end of support, no plans for future releases, use alternatives

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

When Joseph refers to other apps such as Windows 10/11 Alarms and Clock app, is this an NVDA app or is it something built into Windows itself?

On 5/23/2022 4:33 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi everyone,

I see that Clock and Calendar add-on is not showing as compatible with just released NVDA 2022.1. There is a story to that:

A few months ago, folks from NVDA add-ons community reached out to the original author of Clock add-on about add-on maintenance, and the author noted that he will not be able to maintain it. I, the last known maintainer of this add-on, have long ago abandoned maintenance of this add-on (back in December 2021) with no plans for NVDA 2022.1 compatibility then. The add-ons community was and still is looking for maintainers of this add-on. But for now:

I hereby announce that Clock and Calendar add-on is abandoned and end of support. There are no plans for future releases, and compatibility with future NVDA releases cannot be guaranteed. Please use alternatives such as Windows 10 and 11 Alarms and Clock app or other apps and services offering time keeping/calendar/stopwatch/timer features. The add-on may become supported again if new maintainers step forward to maintain this add-on.

Thank you.



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