Re: How to enable Java Access Bridge?


Well have you restarted nvda?
even if java is installed and the access bridge is activated that doesn't mean its active for the current session, quit out of nvda or even better reboot then it will stay active.
Every time you update you will loose access till you restart your reader of choice then its detected.

On 12/10/2016 10:16 p.m., Diogo wrote:
Hi NVDA comunity,
I am using latest Next Version of NVDA screen reader and Windows 7 64bits.
I installed latest JRE for 64 bits. NVDA can not detect Java Access Bridge.
I activated Java Access Bridge:
1. I pressed Windows+U and select "Use computer without screen";
2. E checked "enable java access bridge" checkbox;
3. I pressed NVDA+F1 to view log and Java Access Bridge.

It is a NVDA issue or a Java Access Bridge issue?
Best regards,

Diogo Costa

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