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Brian, thanks for responding.
I believe he uses Windows 10.
He finds the voices that come with Windows very robotic and would like
human-sounding voices.
I would appreciate if you or anyone else would provide me the info to
get such voices in the languages mentioned in my original message .

On 5/22/22, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
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[Reason: Added direct link to support page documenting currently available
OneCore TTS voices for Windows 10 and 11]

What version of Windows is he using?  If it's Windows 10 or 11, I know there
are OneCore Voices available in all of those languages.  Microsoft has a
support page listing all of the TTS Languages available for Windows 10 and
Windows 11 (and each version of Windows has a separate tab on that page):
Appendix A: Supported languages and voices (

Settings,Time & Language, Speech Pane, Add Voices button.

I'm sure these exist for other synths as well, but I have no idea what the
acquisition method is.

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