Re: Whether or not recommending new NVDA user to set Capslock as NVDA key


On Mon, May 23, 2022 at 02:07 PM, Carlos Medrano wrote:
I thought it was the opposite; most laptops are getting rid of the number pad these days?
I haven't seen them disappearing except in the netbook space, which is not really a laptop, but an emailing and web browsing machine.  Once you get below 15-inch screens, though, many don't have number pads because there's just no way to fit them in the space available without making the main keyboard "too small for average human hands."

Whether a screen reader is involved or not, any business related use of a laptop is going to rely heavily on having a full-sized keyboard with a number pad included.

I've never encountered a 17-inch machine that doesn't have a number pad.

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