Re: How to enable Java Access Bridge?

Chris Mullins

There is a spurious problem with JAB in that the installer sometimes doesn't copy a particular dll to the correct folder. As you are probably aware, you should install 32 and 64 bit Java versions on a 64-bit system and ensure the following dll's are in the specified folders to ensure JAB will work properly with NVDA and Java Control Center.

WindowsAccessBridge-32.dll should reside in Windows\SysWow64 folder WindowsAccessBridge-64.dll should reside in Windows\System32 folder

It tends to be the 32 bit dll that goes missing, which is what NVDA uses but it's best to check both. If it's not in the correct place, copy it from Program Files x86\Java\Bin to the folder specified above, similarly on the 64 bit side if that dll is missing.


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Subject: [nvda] How to enable Java Access Bridge?

Hi NVDA comunity,
I am using latest Next Version of NVDA screen reader and Windows 7 64bits.
I installed latest JRE for 64 bits. NVDA can not detect Java Access Bridge.
I activated Java Access Bridge:
1. I pressed Windows+U and select "Use computer without screen"; 2. E checked "enable java access bridge" checkbox; 3. I pressed NVDA+F1 to view log and Java Access Bridge.

It is a NVDA issue or a Java Access Bridge issue?
Best regards,

Diogo Costa

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