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By now, we should all "know this is coming" when NVDA has a backward compatibility breaking release.  And, so far the convention for these seems to be the dot one release for a given major release number (the year of release).

From Joseph Lee, in regard to checking the current Add-On compatibility with current NVDA Release status:  As always, keep track of compatibility status of your favorite add-ons from the following link: Add-ons and backwards incompatible NVDA releases (


Download Sources for Most Add-Ons (some home-grown ones will appear in neither location):

NVDA Add-Ons Directory (hosted by the Spanish-Speaking NVDA Community Association)

NVDA Community Add-Ons Site

There will be occasions where, if no one is maintaining a given add-on, it may never become compatible with the latest NVDA release.  Add-On developers are those who maintain add-on code, not NVAccess, so if someone walks away from maintaining an add-on, and that role is not picked up by someone else, the add-on dies.


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