Re: Whether or not recommending new NVDA user to set Capslock as NVDA key

Luke Davis

Monte Single wrote:

I have never seen a 15 inch laptop that did not have a number pad.
I have. The older HP 15 sitting in front of me doesn't.
A family member just bought either an otherwise normal (i.e. non-netbook) Acer or Asus 15 incher which doesn't.

And I picked up one, one of the big manufacturers but I forget which, back in 2020 that was a 15". It showed a numpad on Amazon, but didn't have one when it arrived. It turned out there were multiple versions of the model, and the picture was for a different one than shipped.

I decided that was too much of a grab-bag, returned it, and spent $300 more on an MSI instead. And never looked back.


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