Re: Addons for Nvda


Hi Rui,

thank you for the link to download Vlc. But I have a problem: I can't select a volume, the keyboard doesn't work.

 I can't press even the key Pause.

Could you give me a claryfication, please?


Dne 23.05.2022 v 21:47 Rui Fontes napsal(a):


ClipSpeak is already updated on the add-ons page.. and in the spanish page of add-ons.

Esperanto symbols I don't know...

For VLC the spanish repository already have one add-on 2022.1 compatible, made by Paul Ber, and it is abailable at:

Best regards,

Rui Fontes
NVDA portuguese team

Rui Fontes

Às 20:39 de 23/05/2022, Jarek.Krcmar escreveu:
Hello group,

I have today downloaded and installed the version of Nvda 2022.1, and I need some addons.

I have in Nvda these addons, uncompatible: Clipspeak, Esperanto symbols, Vlc media player.

I would like to know, whether they will be available.



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