Re: CodeFactory updated their download of the Eloquence/Vocalizer driver

Clarissa Mitchell

Oh darn! I already updated it! I'm screwed! I thought I could find my
key easily. I thought I kept the email. If I did, I don't know where
to look for it.

On 5/24/22, Joseph Norton <> wrote:

I did some testing and here is what I found out.

If you update NVDA, it will disable the add-on, which you are warned about.

When you install the new update to the add-on, it also removes any Vocalizer
voices installed. It also deletes the activation from the computer, so you
will need to enter your activation code again.

If you have not updated yet, but, aren’t sure where your code is, you may be
able to retrieve it from the About tab in the settings.

Press NVDA+N and go down to Code Factory, Press Enter twice to open up the
settings dialog. Go into the about tab and press tab until you hear “Enter
activation key”. Your key should be displayed and selected. If you press
CTRL+C on it, it will copy the key to the clipboard. You can then save it
to a text file or just keep it there. If you keep it on the clipboard, you
can then update both NVDA and the add-on. Once you have restarted NVDA with
the new version of the add-on installed, you can go into the Code Factory
menu selection, and re-activate with the key you previously copied to the

You will need to re-download any Vocalizer voices after the activation.

You should not loose any of your activations, since your computer ID string
will not change.

Hope this helps.

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Eloquence/Vocalizer driver

Can you just install the update over your existing copy of the addon or

do you have to remove the old one?

On 5/24/2022 9:44 AM, Joseph Norton wrote:

Hi listers:
Code Factory has updated their own link for the Eloquence/Vocalizer
driver. They just updated the file, but, left the filename the same.
However, it is definitely changed, since I’m using it right now. They
haven’t yet done the one branded for ATGuys, but, it doesn’t
matter—their download also works with the licensing system. Here’s the
Hope this helps.
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