Re: Code Factory voices with NVDA 2022.1

Steve Wettlaufer

Perhaps a silly question, but have you checked your settings within the Codefactory add-on to make sure you're still using the voice you think you are?  For some reason, whenever I update it, it changes me to a different voice and I have to go in and switch it back.


On 2022-05-24 2:44 p.m., Don H wrote:
I am running the latest version of Win 10 and just installed NVDA 2022.1.  I also downloaded and installed the Code Factory vocalizer/Eloquinse addon.
I have been using the Vocalizer Evan voice.  With these updates the Evan voice has changed.  Guess I will have to get used to a new sounding voice.  I used my activation code from AT guys.

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