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If I open a message and let NVDA do what it wants, I hear reading pane grouping repeated twice, and then page 1 spoken.  If I use Read to end, I begin to hear reading pane and then I hear page 1 and the message begins to be read.  I've eliminated hearing reading pane once and most of another announcement of the same thing.  I've eliminated enough repetition to amount to something.  Messages are read automatically when I use Windows Mail.  I don't know why some aren't in your case.  But even if they are, you re still hearing needless repetition when you open all messages.


On 5/25/2022 11:42 AM, Gene via wrote:
I'm not saying this to give you a hard time, but I've seen you be really finicky about e-mail programs.  Screen-readers are in complex environments with all sorts of possible behaviors to account for.  You say messages aren't read automatically.  In almost every e-mail program I've used, you need to issue the read to end command after opening a message to have messages read as you wish, either without a lot of repetition of the subject line first or some other behavior or behaviors you don't want.  I therefore use Read to end after opening every message in various e-mail programs where it results in proper behavior, and I get the behavior I want.  Once you do this for a little while, it will  become second nature. 

There are some behaviors of screen-readers that you can't reasonably solve and the best thing to do is to adopt this or that action.


On 5/25/2022 11:28 AM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:



Thanks for the new update but I still can’t read some messages in the mail app automatically after hitting enter. I wonder if I need to use narrator to read messages in the mail app now.




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This is a direct link to the download.


You should also have this, Add-on Updater.





On 5/25/2022 12:09 PM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

Hi, everyone,


I’m now using the mail app because outlook 2013 is no longer working with my gmail account. Where do I get the new version of windows 10 app esentials? I think I might need it for the mail app which I’m now using. I can read some messages in the mail app but not others. This add-on might be helpful.


Thanks for your help in advance.






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