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I'm really good at writing on forums. I do have a question though? How do i get out of the text editor with NVDA. Tabbing does nothing once i'm in that box.

On 10/12/2016 11:28 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:


          That's difficult for me to say, not knowing you nor how web saavy you may or may not be on a global level.  Since you're new here (unless you're a lurker, in which case you may already know this) I am fully sighted but work extensively with blind or visually impaired individuals on how to use a computer either completely without vision or with the residual vision (or original limited vision) that they have.

           If you have someone who could be your sighted assistant, who you know and trust given the nature of the forum you've given the link to, and are good about navigating the web in general I feel rather certain you could get yourself up and running as a skilled forum participant on that site with practice in the mechanics of reading and posting for the specific forums management software that they're using.  If you are not a skilled web browser user already then it becomes far more complicated because you do need that base skill first.

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