Re: Window title for desktop

Ron Canazzi

Hi Gene,

You know right up until Windows 8.0, you could type progman in the run dialogue and you could bring up the old style Windows 3.1 program manager. For laughs and giggles, I wish they still had that, but it would only be bloat ware an thus unnecessary code which Microsoft finally got rid of.

On 5/25/2022 10:18 AM, Gene wrote:
I couldn't conveniently work with e-mails for a few days, but I'm back.

A longtime ago, going back to Windows 3.1 or earlier, the rough equivalent was called program manager.  This code for the name is evidently still there and for some reason, NVDA sees both codes at different times.


On 5/25/2022 2:29 AM, Felix G. wrote:
Hello everyone,
when in the list of desktop icons, pressing NVDA+t sometimes yields
"Explorer" and sometimes "Program Manager." In one word: Why?
Best regards,
Felix Grützmacher

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