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Thanks. I even went to the addons page and got the addon for windows ten mail.  For some strange reason the windows ten app became corrupt I could not open it. I had to go to the google site to read my mail. I went to the start menue, I did the applications key to move the app to settings. Then I reset the app and I had to redownload it from the Microsoft store. Then I signed up and put gmail on it. When I had Microsoft word ten witch used outlook it doesn’t work for windows ten. Before I quit using outlook. For some strange reason I had to go to google to allow outlook to use gmail.  Just like rosemary she’s having that same problem. You have to keep allowing it just to do gmail. That’s the same with this windows ten ap. I had to allow it. When I did all this. I used Jaws.  But with getting the addon I used NVDA. This took from Sunday to today. I did lots of reading and I did it slowly so I won’t mess anything up.   


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Great Job, Arleen.


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Hi list! I got my windows ten app to finally work!  I had to get the windows app from the Microsoft store.  I had to read the account. I had to allow it since I’m using gmail.  Usually I get a friend to fix these things for me. But I did it myself! Woo hoo.  I went on google / start page to read how to fix the windows ten app. And I did it! I followed the instructions to the t!


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You can read about it and download it here:

You can get Outlook 2013 to work with it if you use an application specific password from Google. 

Whatever you do, you may want to check to see if messages are being deleted from the server when you delete them using Windows Mail.  I am not saying my experience is typical or represents others' experiences, but using GMail, when I delete a message using Windows Mail, it remains on the server, I believe in the inbox.


On 5/25/2022 11:09 AM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

Hi, everyone,


I’m now using the mail app because outlook 2013 is no longer working with my gmail account. Where do I get the new version of windows 10 app esentials? I think I might need it for the mail app which I’m now using. I can read some messages in the mail app but not others. This add-on might be helpful.


Thanks for your help in advance.






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