Re: windows 10 app esentials add-on


Hi all,

Okay, a few things:

  1. Windows Mail and Calendar: the issues described by Rosemarie and Arlene are two completely different issues. Rosemarie's issue concerns reading emails, whereas Arlene's case has to do with data corruption.
  2. Windows App Essentials and fixing the original issue reported: I doubt the add-on can resolve this as it has to do with message data and how NVDA decides to perform a say all when a message opens.
  3. Ap maintenance: although not mentioned throughout this thread, Mail and Calendar app is sort of in maintenance mode as Microsoft is planning to replace this app with something completely different (won't go into that as this is more toward WinAccess forum territory). The only thing Windows App Essentials add-on provides is table navigation commands to let you review Mail message headers from mail items list, but that feature might be gone in a future add-on release (likely end of this year or early next year).
  4. Accessing Gmail from older email clients: the reason why you cannot access Gmail from say, Outlook 2013 is due to changes from Google regarding email access authentication. Google now wants you to set up a specific password for use by apps themselves, and older clients may not support this properly.
  5. Add-on name: almost a year ago, we did have an add-on named "Windows 10 App Essentials". But that changed when an operating system called Windows 11 made its debut, so the add-on was renamed to "Windows App Essentials". Living up to that name, the add-on provides support for additional Windows 10/11 controls and apps, and is also used as a staging ground for pull requests from yours truly if it has anything to do with Windows 10, 11, and modern apps and controls. The latest iteration of that line of work deals with letting mouse and touch users navigate and interact with Windows 11 Taskbar elements without hearing "DesktopWindowXamlSource", and yes, that was the one, along with a follow-up, that gave me an inspiration to take a break in June (vacation officially starts on May 31, 2022, the day after United States Memorial Day).

Hope this clarifies a lot.



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