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brice Mijares

Thanks Gene, that works for me.

On 5/26/2022 1:33 PM, Gene wrote:
It isn't the down arrow on the main keyboard.  It is 2 on the numpad.  I don't know the laptop command.  2 on the numpadd when used with NVDA reads the current character and pressing  it twice says the phonetic name such as Charlie for c.


On 5/26/2022 3:30 PM, brice Mijares wrote:
Monte, this does not work for me, it just moves me down 2 lines. I am starting to think I may have silenced NVDA and brought up narrator to get alpha, Bravo

charlie  for the letters. Thanks.

On 5/26/2022 1:18 PM, Monte Single wrote:
Hi Bryce,

It is not an app;  it is a feature of nvda itself.
I use it often as my hearing  is not the best and I want  to know the exact spelling of a name or word.

So, say   I come across the word Banff, as in Banff national park in alberta.
And I think was that an "f" or an :s:?
I use the right arrow to land on the letter I am not sure of, and press the down arrow twice quickly.  That it,  you will hear  the alpha bravo equivalent.

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I can't remember the name of this app where you could  use your arrow keys and hear the letters alpha for A B for bravo ETC. Would some kind sole refresh my memory of this app? Thank You.

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