Re: holding off on 2022.1 due to Code Factory dragging their feet

Kevin Cussick

I have 19 add-on's that are not compatible at this time the one for me and I will check on her sight later is RH voice is not compatible anyway at some point we should have most if not addons working just be fore the next breaking release..

On 23/05/2022 03:34, Shaun Oliver wrote:
same here. there's a truck load of add-ons I have here that I use with regularity which precludes me from updating at this time, however, in saying that, it's not always best to go get it immediately anyway due to the fact that if you have incompatible add-ons, especially those you use all the time, you're going to find those self same add-ons becoming showstoppers.
right now I have far too many to justify the update.
On 23/05/2022 11:55 am, Supanut Leepaisomboon wrote:
I'm holding off upgrading for the very same reason, but I'm also waiting for the switch synth addon to be updated to support NVDA 2022.1.

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