Re: Announcement of text-entry insert/overwrite state change?


It doesn't announce it.  You must press the key twice quickly to change its state when using NVDA.


On 5/27/2022 3:19 AM, Jacob Kruger wrote:
Not sure if am just missing something, or if this is just the first time have noticed this, or something, but, if I double-press one of the insert keys to toggle change between text-entry insert, or overwrite modes, NVDA doesn't seem to be announcing the state change, or the then resulting state to me?

As in, should it be doing so, and is it thus likely one of the add-ons might be interfering with this announcement, or something?

Still running 2021.3.5, for now, but, don't think that's relevant on this windows 10 64 bit 21H2 machine?

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