Re: Virtual review 21.06 add-on incompatible with NVDA 2022.1-no word from the developer and I contacted NV Access in error


Here is the updated version of that add-on. Rui posted it yesterday. It is compatible with the current version of NVDA.

On 5/27/2022 2:34 PM, Louise Pfau wrote:
Hi.  I checked the compatible add-ons page for virtual review, and it is incompatible with NVDA 2022.1.  The contact information listed for the developer is "Rui Batista ruiandrebatista@... and NVDA Addon Team".  I couldn't find contact information for "NVDA Addon Team", so I contacted NV Access in error at the general info E-mail thinking that was who was meant.  I won't share my correspondence with NV Access regarding this inquiry without permission.  I am not subscribed to the add-ons list since I am not a developer.  I have not heard from Rui Batista, but I don't know if virtual review will be updated.



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