Re: Please read before suggesting new add-ons or NVDA screen reader features: a contributor's assessment of 2022.1 and add-ons situation, open-source, anxiety, and burnout


You cold take Joseph's email and paste it in there. I haven't read the thread yet. Don't know if I will.

On 5/27/2022 4:01 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:

In all fairness of descussion I'd like to put out this thread from the audiogames forum because it has several actually trusteed people in here.

I know python is the language for everything, etc but maybe something needs to be looked at.

This has beeen going on for a bit but since we are beeing totally honest with eachother, I would like users and admins a like to read this and decide what is best.

I won't double up, decide and do whatever.

For myself who knows, maybe someone could engage with those on the agneet forum in this topic maybe.

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