Re: NVDA Malfunctions In Read-Only Text Boxes In Google Chrome When In Focus Mode


Can you provide a link to a page with a read only edit field?  I don't recall sites that have them.  I probably just read the content and don't pay attention much if the field says read only.  I would ordinarily read text where I am not writing in browse mode.

I just tried the Google search field and I had no problem but that isn't a read only edit field.


On 5/27/2022 6:44 PM, Luke Robinett wrote:

In Google Chrome running on Windows 10 Home Edition, NVDA only announces the first character of whatever text is present when in focus mode and using the arrow keys to navigate by character inside read-only text boxes. For example, if the text box contains the word “Hello,” pressing the left or right arrow keys just results in NVDA saying “H.”


Similar behavior occurs in Microsoft Edge except NVDA says the word “blank” instead of the first character in the text box. This suggests it may be a broader issue with Chromium browsers. In Firefox, NVDA functions normally in read-only text boxes.


I’ve also opened a GitHub ticket for this issue which can be found here:


I searched existing closed and open issues prior to opening a new one and didn’t find a previous report of this issue. Please refer to my bug report for more details and background.





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