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Sarah k Alawami

Try alt down arrow. I had to do this in a trail head module today.

Good luck.

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Yes, that's standard edit commands. However, when I start typing the name of a school, NVDA says "this is an auto complete element and there are # results available. Keyboard users, use up and down arrows to select an option." The # in the example is, as one might guess, an actual number. However, when using up and down arrow with NVDA in focus mode, I just get the same auto complete message and NVDA reads what I've already typed in, it won't let me actually choose a result.
The question is how do I actually choose a result as intended?

On 5/28/22, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
When you are on the line that says enter the name of the school, press
enter. That makes the field editable and you can then press enter
again to go into focus mode if you aren't automatically placed in it.


On 5/28/2022 10:07 PM, Bob Cavanaugh wrote:
Hi all,
Is the edit field on this page not a conventional one? I play Heardle
every day, and it looks like the edit box on this page should work
similar to that one, but I can't seem to get the one here to work.
All I hear is NVDA telling me that this is an edit box that contains
multiple selections, and how many results are available, but I can't
seem to choose any results. The same happens when you're trying to
select a school to send to, and I suspect I won't have to enter as
much information as it's asking for if I could choose a result. Any
help on this would be appreciated, as I've put this off for two weeks
already. The link is

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