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Ken Perry

Have you tried it with Narrator? I have also found if you use chromvox it sometimes works.

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Hmm, unless my NVDA is broken, I'd say that the JavaScript for the autocomplete has a bug in it that makes it really hard to pick the school unless you brute force the entries one by one.

As a workaround, are you able to request a transcript from your school's self-service portal? For example, I can sign into my school's information system and I see an option to request an official transcript and have it mailed somewhere that is independent from the national student clearinghouse.

I welcome any additional feedback from others; so far I've tried Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer with the latest version of NVDA. I don't have Firefox installed on this machine for me to try at the moment, but that may be helpful.

On 5/28/2022 10:07 PM, Bob Cavanaugh wrote:
Hi all,
Is the edit field on this page not a conventional one? I play Heardle
every day, and it looks like the edit box on this page should work
similar to that one, but I can't seem to get the one here to work. All
I hear is NVDA telling me that this is an edit box that contains
multiple selections, and how many results are available, but I can't
seem to choose any results. The same happens when you're trying to
select a school to send to, and I suspect I won't have to enter as
much information as it's asking for if I could choose a result. Any
help on this would be appreciated, as I've put this off for two weeks
already. The link is

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