profile "say all" and how to increase reading spead with synth settings ring



I've created a say all profile, where I disabled announcement of some elements. it is activated whenever I press ins (nvda) key + down arrow. and here is my problem.
sometimes I want to increase reading speed via syinth settings ring (ctrl+ins+arrow keys), but it does not work for desired profile but on a default profile or profile linked with currently focused application.
so what should I do to manage say all profile on the fly. it is very frustrating to go to profile dialog and manually activate say all profile to change this setting and then deactivate it to use other profiles again.
I ask it, due to it worked in NVDA versions before 2019.3.
If there is no solution, should I open a github issue?
and has anyone a same problem?
so here are str to clarify, wha I am talking about:
- obviously, create say all profile
- open document, which you want to read.
- press say all command.
- try to increase/decrease reading speed via synth settings ring

current behaviour:
reading speed is changed on a default profile or on a profile linked to focused application.

expected behaviour: reading speed should be changed on say all profile.

I know it is understandable, that when reading stops, NVDA falls back to previously active profile. but anyway is there any solution, how to bring back changing synth parameters via ring to a say all profile again on the fly?
one solution would be a short delay before NVDA falls back to previous profile when synth ring was used. it means, if ring was used in five seconds after reading was stopped, then this would apply to say all profile. interval could be also shorter, but...
I ask it because JAWS have simular function to increase/decrease reading speed durin say all on the fly and it is very useful.

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