Re: NVDA 2022.1 and add-ons: compatibility updates

zvonimir stanečić, 9a5dsz <zvonimirek222@...>

Hi Joseph,

The status of Newfon is as follows.

We should remove it from the official site, as the original author mentioned passed away.

synthesizer was taken by the another Russian author, which has the code, and synthesizer itself is not under Gpl.

There is compatible version on the external resource maintained by the Russian community.



From: <> On Behalf Of Joseph Lee
Sent: Monday, May 30, 2022 6:51 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA 2022.1 and add-ons: compatibility updates


Hi all,

A lot of goodies in this update (as of May 30, 2022):

  • A lot of add-ons are now compatible- about 80%, including add-ons showing as "testing in progress" a.k.a. queued for distribution on community add-ons website. If we take out Enhanced ARIA and Screen Curtain which are NVDA features and NV Speech Player which is part of eSpeak NG and Newfon for which we don't have updated info on maintenance, compatibility percentage rises to about 84%. Considering that until last week 60% of ad-ons were compatible, this is a huge progress - at least I can worry less during my vacation in June.
  • If you are using Add-on Updater (or if not, go ahead and install Add-on Updater), check for add-on updates because at least seven add-on updates are available.
  • IMPORTANT: some add-ons will require NVDA 2022.1, notably Notepad++ add-on which was updated today.
  • Fixed (finally) the root cause of updated VLC add-on not being offered through Add-on Updater - yet another server-side oversight - specifically, the database was using a wrong data point for this add-on.
  • Clock and Virtual Review add-on updates were released by maintainers and were queued for distribution on community add-ons website. If things go well, Add-on Updater will offer them to you this coming week.
  • It might be possible that at least one more add-on may become compatible in coming days to weeks, and a very exciting add-on is in the works (not written by me).

And with that, I'm done with updating compatibility info for now. Enjoy the new add-on updates.

P.S. When I come back in July, I will talk about NVDA 2022.1 requirement for my own add-ons - I'm reviewing specific details. Although things are not really set in stone, all I can say at this time is that, before end of this year, my add-ons (Add-on Updater and Windows App Essentials) will ask you to upgrade to NVDA 2022.1. There is also a small possibility that I might rather ask for NVDA 2022.2 (won't go into details, but I can tell you that this upcoming NVDA release (alpha at the moment) packs interesting new features and changes, some of which folks have been asking for years; the update also includes at least two changes that will be useful for add-ons community, one of which will benefit app module writers a lot). I also need to revisit an earlier post I wrote concerning Windows 7 and my add-ons (a different thread, really), something I'm also thinking about and may have something to say by this fall.



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