Re: NVDA 2022.1 and add-ons: compatibility updates

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

I can confirm this issue. I used object navigation to solve it by making sure the screen setting was set to object navigation and then using insert + numpad 4 and 6 to focus on the total track length item.
You must open the track time information with control + J first to use this method.

On 5/30/2022 5:24 AM, umut korkmaz wrote:


Extendet Winamp 2.2 Addon provided via updater.

The CTRL+Shift+T shortcut has been removed.

How do we find out the total time?

I will be happy if you inform me.

Kind regards,



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Konu: Re: [nvda] NVDA 2022.1 and add-ons: compatibility updates



Can you bring this up on add-ons list? I figured there are others that may need to be examined.




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