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Is not this the auto complete issue. Some people love it and others hate it. Often on screen you can also get a list come up as you type as well, but on some software, autocomplete can be turned off, but not so much on web sites these days.
I wonder if turning off the detection of new content might help. Not tried it myself, just decided to concentrate harder. I'd be interested in the answer here too.

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has anyone any ideas as to how to stop NVDA speaking predicted text as I
type into edit fields etc?, I know this is really down to the particular
program I am using, but it is most off puting and I lose the place in
my typing.

The only way I have been able to do something about it is to write what
I want in Word and then copy and paste into the field I am using.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received, thank you.

Best Regards, Jim.

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