Re: predicted text and NVDA


On thinking about this further, I'll add that if you turn speech off so you can't hear what you type, you should be very careful what you type into a browser address bar.  These days, it isn't just inconvenient to go to a wrong site, it can be dangerous.  Criminals buy names very similar to the real name so that if people make typographical errors when going to a site, they may go to a malicious site and be infected or be directed to do things where they reveal personal information.


On 5/30/2022 11:06 AM, Gene wrote:
As far as I know, this is controlled in the individual program.  If you don't want to look through various programs settings or research the question for individual programs, turning off speech with NVDA s, typing what you want, then turning on speech with NVDA s pressed twice will cause you not to hear predictive text.


On 5/30/2022 10:52 AM, The Gamages via wrote:

has anyone any ideas as to how to stop NVDA speaking predicted text as I type into edit fields etc?, I know this is really down to the particular program I am using, but it is most  off puting and I lose  the place in my typing.

The only way I have been able to do something about it is to write what I want in Word and then copy and paste into the field I am using.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received, thank you.

Best Regards, Jim.


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