Re: scheduling a recurring Zoom meeting with NVDA

Bob Cavanaugh

So, there's no way to do it within Zoom itself, the scheduling has to
be done with your calendar of choice? I'll try the web interface, as
in the invite that my friend sends, there is usually a link to a
calendar invite, which I've never seen before.

On 5/30/22, Sylvie Duchateau <sduchateau@...> wrote:
Hello Bob and all,
You have two ways of scheduling a zoom meeting.
Either you use the zoom desktop application or you use the web interface.
1. With the zoom app
You will be able to scheduling a recurring meeting but not how often it will
1. In the first tab of zoom, tab until you hear something like schedule a
new meeting.
2. Hit enter.
3. You will have to type the meeting subject. NVDA does not always speak
what you type. So you should use tab and shift+tab to update what NVDA
pronounces. May be you should select what is proposed by default, by typing
ctrl+a, and write your own subject.
4. When you tab, you can choose the meeting date. By default, Zoom displays
today's date and time. Tab to reach the month. NVDA announces, "month and
something like rotating button". Use up and down arrows in order to be sure
that the month you want is selected.
5. Use tab again and choose the day you want with up and down arrows.
6. When you tab again, you can select the year.
7. When tabbing again you can reach the time you wish. Note that the first
zone is the actual time, you cannot modify it. Tab again and you will hear
the hours and with another tab, the minutes. You still can use up and down
arrows to select hours and minutes. NVDA should speak what you are modifying
with up and down arrows.
8. When tabbing again, you can select how long the meeting should last. One
hour, for example. You still can modify this with up and down arrows. NVDA
does not always update what is changing so that you should use tab and
shift+tab to be sure you have selected the right length.
9. Tab again until you hear recurring meeting, checkbox unchecked. Check it
with the space bar.
You will hear an alert that you should ensure that your calendar can
schedule such a meeting. Mine is linked to Outlook but you can also link to
google or any other calendar.
In my case, Outlook asked me to confirm the meeting and I can choose if the
meeting should occur every week, or month.
2. When using zoom in a browser
When you connect to Zoom, you can look for the meetings' tab and look for
your next meeting.
You also have a link to schedule a new meeting.
If you have saved it in the zoom app, you will find this meeting on the zoom
You will have a heading 3 with a link to start the meeting.
You can then read the subject of the meeting then the time.
Under this you can read something like recurring.
After that you have "add to" and links to Google agenda, Outlook calendar
.ics, or yahoo calendar.
When you click on google, for example, a new window will open asking you to
connect to your Google account.
Google asks to confirm that you accept that zoom shares this information
with google.
Select "continue".
You will then find a form with your meeting, you can select the time, the
length and then you have a drop down list where you can choose if the
meeting should occur once, every day, every week, every month, every
Then you can select who you want to invite to this meeting. What the invited
people may do (modify meeting, invite others ....)
You can choose when sending the notification and how (by e-mail for example)

Then you have to go back to find the button save and you have your meeting.
I hope this can help.
Otherwise do not hesitate to ask.

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