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Rui Fontes


Released version 2022.05 of TesseractOCR, as first public version...

• Authors: Rui Fontes rui.fontes@... and Angelo Abrantes ampa4374@...
• Updated in 28/05/2022

• Download stable version:


• Compatibility: NVDA version 2019.3 and beyond

*** Informations

This add-on uses the free and open source Tesseract OCR engine, to perform optical character recognition on an image file, PDF, JPG, TIF or other, without the need to open it.

It also can scan and recognize a paper document through a WIA compatible scanner.

In the Preferences of NVDA, it is created a cathegory, TesseractOCR, where you can set the language to be used on the recognition and the type of documents to be recognized.

*** Shortcuts

The default commands are:

Windows+Control+r - to recognize the selected document;

Windows+Control+Shift+r - to scan and recognize a document through the scanner.

Then just wait that ocr.txt opens with the recognized text.

If you want to preserve the recognized text, don't forget to save the document under another name and in another location, as all files in the temporary directory are deleted at the start of the next OCR process!

This commands can be modified in the "Input gestures" dialog in the "TesseractOCR" section.

*** Automatic update

This add-on includes an automatic update feature. The check for a new version will be executed everytime NVDA is loaded. If you want this, go to NVDA, Preferences, Options and in the add-on category check the check box.

*** Known problems

• This version only works in 64-bit Windows.
• When selecting the "Various" option in the "Documents type" combobox, the recognized text probably appear with many blank lines This is a known problem with Tesseract, and, without consumming lots of processing time, I haven't yet found any solution. But, I still haven't given up!

*** Languages supported

The supported languages in this version are: Afrikans Amharik Arabic Bulgarian Burnese Catalan/Valencian Chinese simplified Chinese traditional Croatian Czech Dannish Deutch Dutch English Finnish French Galician Georgian Greek Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian Irish Italian Japanese Kannada Kirghiz Korean Lativia Lituanian Macedonian Nepali Norwegian Panjabi Persian Polish Portuguese Romanian/Moldave Russian Serbian (Latin) Slovak) Slovenian) Spanis Swedish Tamil Thai Turkish Ukrainian Urdu Vietnamese

*** Image types supported

This add-on supports the following types of files: PDF jpg tif png bmp pnm pbm pgm jp2 gif jfif jpeg tiff spix webp

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