Re: TesseractOCR add-on

Rui Fontes


Comparing with NAO, it have the following differences:

1 - Use of Tesseract OCR instead of Windows OCR, and for me it is better...;
2 - Different exibition of results, TXT instead of a specific interface;
3 - TesseractOCR do not make OCR to the screen;
4 - TesseractOCR can make OCR from a paper document through a WIA compatible scanner.

It is a large add-on due to the need of the files needed to recognize all the languages supported...

Best regards,

Rui Fontes
NVDA portuguese team

Às 00:50 de 31/05/2022, Pranav Lal escreveu:

Hi Rui,

1. Does tesseract have any advantages over the windows built-in OCR?
2. How is this add-on different from the now add-on?


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