Re: TesseractOCR add-on

Rui Fontes


Thanks by your words!

1 - I am going to check, but I think if you make changes and save them or have NVDA to save changes on exit they are preservved...

2 - The images folder is cleaned each time you start an OCR process...

Or if the files are stored anywhere in GitHub...3 - I have to check if I still have space on server to store more data...

Rui Fontes

Às 01:59 de 31/05/2022, nvdainth@... escreveu:

Hi Rui Fontes

I have try your add-on. found that it can work well. But there are some suggestions + some bugs I'd like to inform you about.

1. buck it's cann't remember the Config value
when restart NVDA your add-on config value always reset to default

2. I find that you use folder images as cache for add-on functionality.
This would be nice if the folder was cleaned regularly. for the privacy of user data

3. If possible, I find that tessdata makes the add-on large. and for most users They may only need to use a few languages. This means that not all language options are required.
So is it possible? If the add-on has a language option for the user to choose and then download and install it. Without including all language tessdata files in the add-on's installer.

Thank you for your development It is of great benefit to the community.

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