Re: do same as routing curser


Probably using object navigation would work.  I did a tutorial on object navigation.  Brian is hosting it at this link:

I'll describe what has a good chance of working but depending on how you use your computer, you may find it well worth your while to learn how to use object navigation.

For now, be in object navigation mode, issue the command numpad insert numpad 1 until you hear no previous navigation mode, or something similar.
Then try moving with numpad insert numpad 4 to move back by object and numpad insert numpad 6 to move forward.  You have a good chance of finding what you want that way.  When you are on the item you want to activate, use the command numpad insert numpad enter. Numpad enter is the long key farthest down on the right most column of the numpad.

I am giving desktop keyboard commands.  I don't know the laptop commands.


On 5/31/2022 1:16 PM, Glenn / Lenny wrote:
I have a radio programming program that I have to select the com port that 
the radio is able to be accessed to.
With Jaws and NVDA, when I tab in the window, it only goes to enter and 
cancel, but insert B reads com ports of which I can check, one of available 
With Jaws, I can route Jaws to PC and find the port I want, and either do a 
left mouse click with the number pad or I can at the point I'm on the port I 
want, route PC to Jaws, either way will select the port with a check.
I cannot figure out how to do this with NVDA.
I do insert num 7 and it says review mode, and using insert minus or insert 
5 I can move around to different windows, but the closest I get is where it 
com select window, but the reading and arrow keys and tab only go to enter 
and cancel.
If NVDA is able to do stuff like this, it isn't intuitive, or there needs to 
better information on this.
I know lots of people for whom this is exactly why they don't use NVDA.
Thanks for any assistance with this.


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