Re: do same as routing curser


I don't know which arrow keys you are referring to.  You use numpad keys to move when you move in object navigation. 

JAWS has a touch cursor and object navigation which is the rough equivalent of object navigation.

If you work with my tutorial, you will learn commands for using object navigation and how to move among and into and out of objects.


On 5/31/2022 3:07 PM, Glenn / Lenny wrote:
Hi Gene,
When I do insert 1 on the number pad, until it says no next object, the 
arrow keys don't move off of the last tab item, either cancel or enter.
I think NVDA cannot do as much as Jaws.
Does NVDA have touch cursors?
Sometimes in some programs, I have to use that with Jaws.
I've put keyboard help on with NVDA and explored key combinations, and I 
think I may have come across touch cursor, but maybe I'm remembering 
something else.

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