Re: Code Blocks and NVDA

Luke Davis

TheeQuinn Public wrote:

visited that link and it was speaking of even downloading a compiler separately. So i was wondering if there was some way I could get around this code
Often, a compiler like GCC can be used, which is commandline based. You can do the coding in NotePadPlusPlus or the like. The compile tools like Make or Scons also tend to be commandline based.

If you're in the U.S., they probably have to accommodate your situation by allowing a different software, since learning Code Blocks is not the primary function of the class, but learning C++ is.
Though I'm not a lawyer so that's only a speculation.

I have never programmed C++ in an IDE, but always just written it in text editors and used a commandline compiler to do the actual compilation.

Now, all of that said:

Looking at the docs and site for Code Blocks, it does appear that it should be accessible, at least to some extent.
However, you definitely do have to either install your own compiler, or download the version that includes a compiler with it.

Your class should have provided a document with step by step install instructions. It sounds like you may not have gotten a compiler, meaning their instructions are deficient.

Following the trail from this page:

it appears that the version with the compiler included can be got here:
or here:

(Though I wish they would switch to GitHub like sane people.)

You might want to dump your current version and try installing that one.


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