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Héctor Javier Benítez Corredera

Hi, good morning.

About the Add-ons Store that we have in the Hispanic community, I have to say that it is not in English because it is not my native language and because it was left with the translations of the first versions. Currently it has 80 of the 141 strings translated and nobody translated the documentation.

The Russian, Turkish, French and Italian community for example are more advanced in terms of translations of the Store.

Well on security issues on the page the add-ons that are published pass a security filter examined by developers, especially concerning malicious code. Fortunately, no cases have been detected to date.

On this page there is a manifesto on the subject and the review that the add-ons pass.

There are plugins that no longer serve but are still maintained as a catalog and especially to save code that in the future someone could serve as a query for various reasons.

I take advantage if someone wants to translate the store that the pot file is on Github:

The store is prepared to support add-on repositories from other sources as long as they are based on this project developed by the Hispanic community to catalog add-ons:

In the previous link is all the information. Also say that both and have a translation widget that will allow to put the web to the chosen language if we press C when we enter the widget will leave us in the widget to choose.


El 01/06/2022 a las 0:21, Shaun Everiss escribió:

Well I have searched for and doodledwith  tienda which appears to be a spanish addon store.

It works and there are official and a few nonofficial addons there.

The store is completely developed and looks really good but for security sake vetted addons are probably the best though as we branch there will need to be some more trusted sources.

Of course bits of it are not in english and the site is not english either.

Even the store is not completely in english so there is that.

However I do wander if instead of getting into our own store unless we want to do this we should include other sources which are established.

I just for example updated tony's enhancements but thats not been released in updater yet.

On 1/06/2022 7:31 am, Brian Vogel wrote:

Download Sources for Most Add-Ons (some home-grown ones will appear in neither location):

NVDA Add-Ons Directory (hosted by the Spanish-Speaking NVDA Community Association)

NVDA Community Add-Ons Site

The Community Add-Ons Site contains only "officially vetted/reviewed" add-ons, and both of the add-ons you refer to will be there.

Search for NVDA Remote and Add-On Updater on the site.


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