NVDA freezes when editing a cell in Microsoft Excel

Luciano de Souza

Hello all,

When editing cells in Microsoft Excel, I’m facing a very serious slowness.

I type the content, I press “enter” and NVDA freezes.

Ten seconds later, the voice returns to normality.

It’s not a particular heavy worksheet, so the performance should be good.

Restarting NVDA in debug mode, I found a message saying that the gainFocus event failed.

The problems occurs in two machines:

·         The first one with Windows 10, Office 2019 e NVDA 2022-1;

·         The second one with Windows 10, Office 365 e NVDA 2022-1.

In both machine, I have tested also with NVDA 2020-3 with the same bad results.

I also ran the register fixer tool offered by NVDA.

The installed version, there’s no addons or customization in its settings.

Both machines have good performance when executing other tasks.

In Excel, I turned off the automatic calculation to attenuate the problem.

In fact, disabled the automatic calculation, the performance becomes adequate.

However, pressing F9 to calculate, the screen reader freezes again.

As mentioned, the file doesn’t have heavy formulas or a large amount of data.

I could not understand what is succeeding, so I ask you for a help.

I wish this message find everyone good and I thank for staying here.


Best regards,

Luciano de Souza

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