Re: NVDA failed to install

Howard Traxler

I didn't hear anything about UAC nor a yes or no question.  Maybe an alt y at the time of lockup will do it.  I'll give it a try.


On 6/1/2022 1:48 PM, Gene wrote:
Try answering yes when UAC comes up.  Escape only closes UAC and doesn't allow the action it is asking about.  Alt y when the UAC prompt comes up and you want to answer yes.  Escape or alt n when you want to answer no.

I think it is a very bad idea to disable a security feature such as UAC when it isn't necessary.


On 6/1/2022 1:36 PM, Howard Traxler wrote:
Starting to use a computer that has been out of service for two or three years.

Started by removing the NVDA that was on there; might have been version 19.2.  Now tried to install the latest; 22.1.  Get to the point of "continue button and it says "secure desktop" and locks up.  I press escape and it says "NVDA failed".

I tried to find where I could turn off that "secure desktop" But I couldn't find it.  Now I don't have NVDA on there and I have to use a portable version on a USB thumb drive.

Ideas anyone?  Thanks.


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