Re: NVDA failed to install

Luke Davis

Howard Traxler wrote:

I didn't hear anything about UAC nor a yes or no question.  Maybe an alt y at the time of lockup will do it.  I'll give it a try.
But you did. It's not locking up, it's opening a UAC prompt, which is a secure screen.

Either press Alt+Y, or turn on Narrator with Control+Windows+Enter, read the secure screen window, and do what it says.

Since you don't seem to be aware of this: when Windows needs higher security permissions than your user has, it brings up a UAC (User Account Control) prompt. That prompt runs as the system administrative user. It's what NVDA calls a "secure screen".
Since that is a different user then the one you're running as, that other user isn't running NVDA. That's why it doesn't talk, and you think it's locking up. But it's not locking up, it just isn't talking.

You either need to be able to handle that screen on auto-pilot, by pressing Alt+Y, or you need to enter a password for an admin level account, which probably requires speech to be successful at this stage. To get speech, you either have to install NVDA and have it run on secure screens (a chicken and egg problem in this case), or you need to run Narrator in the admin user account as I described.

You should try to finish installing NVDA before updating Windows, in case that isn't obvious.


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