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Yes one case in point is that for reasons I'll not go into here, I like to retain Goldwave 32 bit, but all the latest add ons are for the 64 bit, so I keep an older copy and install it on an older version of nvda portable for this reason. The one add on I'd like to see made 2022.1 ready is the sound schemes/3D sound one which I find aids me in knowing a bit more about physical screen layout, but the author has either moved his address, died or is not interested.

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That's good. If that isn't well known, it should probably be publicized.

I keep old versions of add-ons I use in case they disappear. Its nice
to know they are still available.


On 6/1/2022 2:00 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
To my knowledge, the NVDA Add-Ons Directory
<>(hosted by the Spanish-Speaking NVDA
Community Association) does not remove add-ons that are no longer
compatible with the latest version of NVDA. When you search they tell
you the range of NVDA releases, e.g., From NVDA 2014.1 up to 2022.1,
that the add-on(s) returned are each compatible with.


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