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Sarah k Alawami

Glad you got it working, but please edit your subject or keep the current one going next time. It make sthose of us who monitor the list via email and via the forum a lot happier.

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Thank you all. Yes, I think I did it right. I used the MediaCreationTool and got Windows updated. Now I installed NVDA 22.1 and got the synthesizer I wanted. Now, I think the rest is straight forrward. We'll find out tomorrow.

Thanks to this great list and you folks, I may get this thing working.


On 6/1/2022 4:34 PM, Gene wrote:
Yes. I'm talking about doing that and typing in the windows start
search menu, which is where you will be

I'm suggesting you do what I suggest first. You don't know if the
computer isn't downloading updates. If you check, you will know. I'm
not saying you shouldn't do other things if there is a problem but you
don't know yet.

You are showing the old version of Windows because the computer hasn't
finished updating itself. That doesn't mean there is anything wrong.
You said the computer hasn't been used for a number of years.


On 6/1/2022 4:28 PM, Howard Traxler wrote:
OK Gene, when you say start menu, are you refering to what happens
when I press the windows key and get a search box? I think that's
what folks are calling the start menu.

I've got a few things to try right now; so I'm fixed for a while. I'm
using the media creation tool to make an thunb drive update media.
When it's done, I'll take it downstairs and see if it updates the


On 6/1/2022 4:04 PM, Gene wrote:
But if it hasn't been used for years, maybe there is something
wrong. Have you checked updates to see if any are shown to be

Open the start menu, type update and press enter. Let the
information read. If you don't hear anything about updates, let us


On 6/1/2022 3:51 PM, Howard Traxler wrote:
Thank you, yes. This was a computer in my wife's play room which
she seldom used; not for two or three years. I will look at your
instructions and see which way is easiest. And hopefully I can get
it done.


On 6/1/2022 3:11 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
If you are still all the way back on Windows 10 Version 1803 then
Windows Update has been broken on your machine for a very, very
long time indeed.

I suggest you immediately follow these instructions, which based
on what downloads now will get you to Windows 10 Version 21H2,
which is the latest:
*/Performing a Windows 10 or 11 Repair Install or Feature Update
Using the Windows ISO file/*
JNm9_08hj1tALPK> or, if you prefer, go to the Windows 10 Download
and trigger the Update Assistant using the Update Now button.

Something needs to be done, pronto, to fix your instance of
Windows 10 and get it back on track as far as feature updates go.
Version 1803 has been out of support for quite a while now.

Brian -Windows 10, 64-Bit, Version 21H2, Build 19044

*/Tolerance is the positive and cordial effort to understand
another's beliefs, practices, and habits without necessarily
sharing or accepting them./*

~ Joshua Liebman

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