Re: NVDA freezes when editing a cell in Microsoft Excel

Cearbhall O'Meadhra

Quentin and Luciano,

I frequently encounter this problem with excel It has been happening during the past year especially!

I found a hint after a Google search that having the whole worksheet active can cause this problem.

There are about one million rows in a complete worksheet. If you have a formula that has to check cells in the same column ( counting, for instance, the number of occurrences of a particular value) Excel has to search all one million cells in that column before it can return the resultant count. That alone can take a few moments to complete. If you have a formula that addresses multiple columns horizontally and vertically, this will multiply the cells to be examined and delay enormously.

I found that I could stop this happening if I deliberately deleted all the empty rows below my active data area. This meant that Excel had only to explore 200 or 300 cells instead of millions.

It I am copying data down a column of 200 rows, for example, I found it necessary to go to the bottom of the active column and copy the data down using control + d. This made sure that the formula did not go down to the million rows. If the formula once copies down to the millionth cell, the whole lower portion of the worksheet is activated. It remains activated even if I delete the data that was copied down too far.
Excel must then explore all the rows in case there is other data somewhere in the column being worked on.

The trick is to move to the last row of valid data. Then copy all the cells below that last cell but only in that column (this is important!), . Then open the delete dialog using the application key and select "delete entire row". This effectively closes the entire worksheet from the active area down and eliminates the problem.

As an alternative, I tried selecting control shift end and then pressing delete but this does not deactivate the lower half of the sheet. Only the Delete entire row" described above does the job.

I hope this helps to relieve you of your problem.

Please let us know if it helps or not.

All the best,


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I hadn't done it, but now I did.
No results. The problem is still the same.
Having run NVDA in debug mode, I got the log I send attached.
My boss wants the sheet ready, but he'll have to be patient.
With automatic calculation disabled, I can use Excel, but in a very bad way.

Em 02/06/2022 00:36, Luke Davis escreveu:
Have you tried changing the UIA setting for Excel, in NVDA Advanced


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