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Unfortunately, the 3d sound or sound schemes etc add on only has a sound for links. It does not seem to have one for visited links. I often think that in a browser the link and visited link voicing, should be togglable to a sound of some sort instead. I'd also like, while we are about it the tone on cap to be less annoying, because some voices do not actually handle pitch change very well and if you turn on the tone, it is loud and annoying. a Kind of donk noise would be more useful, I feel. After all it only affects the caps when they are cursored over or entered. Likewise with links and visited links one could devise a sound of suitable low annoyance for those.

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I didn't notice the message went to the NVDA list. You can disregard my
last question.

I had thought in document formatting, there was a setting about whether
visited would be announced but I don't find one. You can use the speech
dictionary to have the word visited not be spoken but that will mean
that you won't hear it when it appears in text as well.


On 6/2/2022 1:33 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
What are you proposing NVDA announce?

Generally you get "link" for a link that you've never visited and
"visited link" for something you've actually "clicked through" to
visit before.

In NVDA and other screen readers there are generally navigation
shortcuts that allow you to go straight to links you've visited before
versus unvisited links along with a visitation agnostic shortcut.

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