Re: Web developer issue with NVDA reading the word "us"



A couple of points for your edification, then the workaround/solution:

1. NVDA is not responsible for the actual reading output of anything.  That output comes from the synthesizer of choice.
2. Another synthesizer may not have trouble with a capitalized "Us," while it's almost certain that some others will do the same thing.
3. This is probably because the synth is trying to make an educated guess for "Us" in isolation from what surrounds it.  It would have the logical choices of it being an abbreviation for United States, in which case it would choose to say U S, or that it's a typo of "us."  Clearly the synth in use is making the former presumption.

The easiest way to fix this is via the NVDA speech dictionary.  See my tutorial, Using the NVDA Dictionaries with Regular Expression Matching to Change Pronunciations (docx), even though, in this case, we will not be using regular expressions.

For step 3 in the tutorial, you would enter (without quotation marks) "Us" in the pattern box.

For step 4 in the tutorial, you would enter (without quotation marks) "us" in the replacement box.

For step 6 in the tutorial, activate the radio button for whole word.

I would also choose to activate the option to make this match case sensitive, such that only "Us" will be matched.

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