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Yes, well, from my experience the leading spaces seem always to be at the start, and yet I don't know where they came from. I'd have thought that some way to edit out all but one space in a file that is in the clipboard as a kind of toggle might be nice, though how this could be done I'm not sure. As has been said the clipboard to a text editor trick is what I tend to d, but should really not have to.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll see if I can put one in later today.

I just thought maybe I was missing an option.


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NVDA doesn't read anything that is a certain amount of characters or more. I assume the blank space is in the form of something like spaces, which are characters.

I've pretty much given up writing tickets with suggestions. I've written about five and in no case have any of them come even close to being adopted. But you may want to create a ticket with the suggestion that the size of what is on the clipboard should not cause it not to be read. It is not the screen-reader's business to control what the user hears in a case like this based on some notion of what the developers think is good for us. Speech can be stopped with control, just as it can at any other time and this limitation is unnecessary and limits the user without justification.


On 6/3/2022 10:11 AM, Joseph Norton wrote:

Hi listers:

I use a couple applications which copy data to the clipboard.

I know I can press NVDA+C to read out the clipboard contents. However, sometimes, I am told the clipboard contains a large portion of text. In my case, this is a lot of actual blank space. Is there any way to override this so NVDA will read it out anyway?


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