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The problem may not be with Adobe.  The problem may be in how PDF documents are formatted when accessibility isn't implemented by the creators of documents.  I don't use PDF documents enough to know how widespread problems are. 

On 6/4/2022 7:53 AM, Chris Smart wrote:

I especially don't understand why there are so many problems, because Adobe on the surface at least, appear to take accessibility quite seriously. They are always represented at major accessibility conferences like Ax-con.

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There seem to be so many issues with PDF files, particularly accessibility wise, I simply cannot see why programs produce them do not actually make them accessible as it is then when thy have all the data needed to make the changes to reading order and the positioning and interactability of edit field in any file created, As long as we leave this to the user, we get lots of hit and miss files that work only partly in different readers.

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Dear all,

While I may be unable to share the PDF in question, I had an experience with a fillable PDF form that:
1 Edge and Firefox could read the contents of but not access the form fields in (expected)
2 Adobe Acrobat DC rendered both the text and form fields of but did not let me edit or input anything in (I had freshly installed Adobe Acrobat DC and had selected the recommended accessibility settings rather than any custom ones when it detected my use of assistive
3 Foxit Reader rendered both the text and the form fields of and allowed me to populate edit fields and check check boxes in and save the edited document (the process was far from fully accessible but

I am willing to concede that with some settings changes somewhere, Adobe might have been able to get the job done. But as it stands, Foxit was the only tool that worked out-of-the-box and afforded me the most access to editing the interactive PDF. All of that is to encourage folks to consider opening the PDFs they previously found half-acccessible in Foxit Reader instead.


On 5/23/22, Bob Cavanaugh <cavbob1993@...> wrote:
I've seen the progress indicator in question, but on smaller PDF files 
like the one I linked to, I don't see that indicator, and it didn't 
seem to change the way it was handled by NVDA.

On 5/23/22, Dave Grossoehme <dave@...> wrote:
Sorry I'm late on this information. However, it would sound like 
something is hanging up the response of NVDA and Adobe to tell the 
user that the application is being loaded. I have questioned this 
action being a problem when using Windows 11, but is this a UAI 
Problem, or something with NVDA or Adobe?


On 5/20/2022 6:59 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
Well, when I open the form Bob gave the link for, I eventually end 
up having it act just like any random web form would in terms of 
tabbing through the form fields. There are also a number of 
checkboxes to indicate a given piece of equipment in the list has 
been returned and these are on the second page of the form.

But note well, I said "eventually." I can't make any sense of what's 
going on, and am not getting any useful status either from Adobe or 
from NVDA with regard to whether there is background processing 
going on by the Accessibility Wizard to hand information to NVDA 
that it would not otherwise have. But whatever is happening it is NOT fast.
I can play around for at least 1 minute, possibly somewhat longer, 
whether via point and click or using tab to move among the various 
fields. Then, after waiting for a while, suddenly tabbing between 
the fields gives the field label, including the colon that's a part 
of each label, when you land in the various fields.

Very strange. No rational person would expect a lag like this 
between opening a document and being able to use it with a screen 
reader sans any sort of warning that they needed to wait for 
something to finish before they start.

I am using Windows 10, Version 21H2, Build 19044.1076 Adobe Reader 
DC 2022.001.20117 NVDA 2021.3.5

Brian -Windows 10, 64-Bit, Version 21H2, Build 19044

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Kind Regards,
Bhavya Shah
B.S. in Mathematical and Computational Science | Stanford '24

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