The Gmail website with NVDA

Bob Cavanaugh

Hi all,
Well, I've been meaning to get off this list for a couple weeks now,
but new questions just keep popping up. This one has to do with the
GMail website and NVFDA. Since last September, whenever I log into my
GMail account, it loads standard view, despite me having had it set to
load basic HTML by default before then, and it changing on its own. I
was telling a friend about how I was considering moving to using Gmail
with Outlook, and she was telling me that she was able to switch back
to having basic HTML as her default view. This is the same friend who
I was mentioning last week with Zoom, so her primary screen reader is
JAWS. I think she said she uses Chrome as her default browser, and I
use Firefox. We were talking about this on Zoom just now, and she told
me that there was a button at the top of the page that says "basic
HTML." As my laptop is a touchscreen, I was able to swipe to the left
and find that button, but when I double tap on it, NVDA simply says
"activate," but does nothing, and I can't seem to get to it using the
normal keyboard commands. How do I access this?

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