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Ken Perry

Wow I will remember not to bring you to a party. This was just something light and fun to do with NVDA and indent sounds. Guess you are a good kill joy.

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Fun with what.

If you mean game tunes, masterboot record has most of that covered.

If you mean playing with floppy drives mrsolidsnake770 has that covered.

This should be on chat though but you are a mod here so.

What about playing with midi files with your collection of soundfonts.

I have a collection of fonts from musinkite and arachno which are custom made general midi fonts to things like yamaha, nokia synth and creative cards even a gravis ultrasound and sega, and nentendo units so there is that I guess.

Fiddling withh chip composition softwaree, there is plenty of chip music about.

Recording sounds in particular with em pickup coils.

I have one though not used it for ages.

They are easy to pickup and easy to aparently make.

Doing things like sticking something into something else or using a old hard drive magnet as a wind chime or sticking a stainless steel bowl into a drier, recording those and making those into instruments.

I think andrelouis recorded an old broken hard drive and made bits of it sound like a chime, and got an instrument out of it.

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This is going a bit off topic. Please don't mention playing tunes on
floppy drive stepper motors.

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